Sunday, August 20, 2017

Saved at the Last Day -- 1 Nephi 22

What Happens

"Israel will be scattered upon all the face of the earth—The Gentiles will nurse and nourish Israel with the gospel in the last days—Israel will be gathered and saved, and the wicked will burn as stubble—The kingdom of the devil will be destroyed, and Satan will be bound."
1 Nephi 22 Chapter Heading


In our last episode, Nephi was sharing some prophecies of Isaiah with us, and also reading them to his family.  They wondered, as we do sometimes, what it was all supposed to mean.  Are these things actually going to happen physically, or is it all a symbolic spiritual thing?  Nephi's answer is interesting.  In verse 3 he tells us that the answer is actually both.  I think that's where we run into comprehension problems in real life too sometimes.  We think it all has to be one or the other, but it is *all* both, right? :)

The part about leading away the tribes of Israel starting in verse 4 is interesting, because  Nephi and his family are a perfect example of watching it happen.  Later on we learn that the Brother of Jared was led in a similar manner much earlier, and so the statement by Nephi that they are scattered on the isles of the sea doesn't seem far-fetched at all... God seems to have a pattern of teaching people how to build boats. :)

Nephi talks about the scattering and gathering of Israel in broad terms here and seems to focus mainly on the good parts, even though we know that only a few chapters ago he personally saw the destruction of his descendants.  I think it is really cool that he is focusing on teaching his family hope rather than demanding repentance.  Both are of course necessary, but hope and possibility and the eventual happy ending are what keep us going in dark times.

Nephi talks about lots of destruction here, but it is still about the triumph of God, and the salvation of his people.  I like verse 16 where it says (speaking of God) "for he will not suffer that the wicked shall destroy the righteous."  We know that happens sometimes on a smaller scale, but when it comes to the overall war, God won't allow the bad guys to win. :)

In verses 25 and 26 Nephi gets into talking about the Millennium and about how God will gather his people and Satan will be bound. :)  We will dwell safely if we repent (verse 28).  He stops talking about it just as it is getting good, but enough to give a really hopeful view of the future, and the message that in the end, things will be really, really good.   He then follows that up with his testimony that the Plates of Brass contain the truth, and that if we are obedient and endure to the end, we will be "saved at the last day" (verse 31).  Amazing stuff, and of course, something to work on.

That's the end of 1 Nephi.  Tune in next time as we begin 2 Nephi, in which Lehi dies and the whole world changes for this family.

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  1. Hope!Yes indeed.
    I'm happy that there is that hope after repentance ofcourse.đŸ˜€